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Tutorial Link Collection

I stumble over many game art related tutorials daily and want to keep track of them in here…


-Maya To Ue4 Unit Conversion

substance d

-reprojection of texture maps



– isometric camera
– isometric camera tilting
– Unity Serialization

– Basic Spline Curves


– Tileable Sculpting
– Tileable Grass using Nano/ Arraymesh

– ZModeler Bevel / Extrude

– Clean Extrusion

Normal Maps 

– Understanding waviness (Edge loops)
– Hard Edges / Averaged Mesh Projection vs Explicit mesh normals

Technical Art Related

– GTA V Graphics Study

UE4 merge two Levels

0.) Open destination level in UE4 Editor. Delete Actors that you want to overwrite in World Outliner.

1.) Open Window -> Levels

2.) Levels -> Add Existing (choose source level)

3.) RMB added level -> Select Actors [Selects all added Actors in World Outliner. Choose only Actors you want to move!]

4.) RMB destination level -> Move selected actors to level [moves Actors from Source to Destination]

5.) RMB source level -> Remove Selected [removes Level from destination level]