Using C++ in Unity3D

So I need to get better in C++, but Unity3D only supports Unityscript (Javascript), Boo and C#… almost correct!
It appears to be possible to include C++ and other native libraries, Unity calls this “Native Code Plugins” and it’s described here for Android

The article briefly mentions that we need to be familiar how to build NDK libraries, turns out this also requires prior knowledge, which again requires prior knowledge. So where do I start as an absolute beginner?

Step-by-step: How to build a shared Library with NDK

1. JDK (Java Development Kit)

2. ADK (Android Development Kit)
Prior knowledge of JDK, Eclipse (IDE)

3. NDK (Native Development Kit for Android)
Prior knowledge of ADK, JDK

4. Unity Plugins for Android
Prior knowledge of NDK, ADK, JDK

I’ll post more regarding my C++ in Unity3D adventures soon. 🙂

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